Restoring your self confidence

Benefits of scalp micropigmentation:

  • Realistic results

  • Safe 

  • Will not damage hair follicles

  • Pain free

  • Long lasting results

  • Instant confidence boost

Scalp micropigmentation/



The treatment step-by-step

Scalp Micropigmentation/tattooing is suitable for a wide range of hair loss conditions. 


Initial Consultation


This is your opportunity to learn more about the procedure, look at my work and importantly to assess if you are suitable for scalp micropigmentation.


We can talk about likely results, the cost and probable number of sessions. Most people will have between 3 and 5. 


There are some medical exclusions which I will discuss and you must be over 18.

Scalp micropigmentation does not damage the hair follicle or prevent any future growth. 

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Session 1 

After completing your medical and consent forms.  We will then start tattooing your scalp using a medical tattooing machine. Most clients do not find it even slightly painful.


Hypoallergenic pigment is tattooed into your scalp with needles designed to replicate hair follicles. 


Each session is approx 3 hours and most clients do not find it painful. My treatment room is calm and private and I have been registered with the council and inspected by Environmental Health. 

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Further sessions

Sessions need to be a minimum of 2 weeks apart and sessions 2 -onwards are the ones where the magic really starts and hair appears thicker as the scalp becomes less visible


Your scalp may feel itchy whilst it heals and after care advice needs to be followed to get the best results. 

The pigment will last for 3 - 5 years and all my clients say how much more confident they now feel in all apects of their lives. 

Scalp Micropigmentation - get your confidence back!

Prices - this will vary on the area to be covered, skin type and number of sessions. A quote will be given at a free no obligation consultation. Prices start at £250 upwards for a very small area to £2000 for a full head.