Eyebrow tattoos

Initial Consultation

This is when we'll talk about what eyebrow tattooing involves and what you'd like your brows to look like.


We can draw on suggested shapes and talk about colours. The end result can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. 


We'll also talk about the procedure. For example you'll need two sessions between 4-8 weeks apart.


When you arrive I will put numbing cream on your brows and complete a medical questionnaire.  

The numbing cream is very effective and you are unlikely to find the procedure painful. 

I will draw on the suggested brow shape and will not start tattooing until you have a shape you love. 

I will then tattoo your with a colour we've chosen. You can have hair strokes, or a more filled in look which we will decide between us. 

Healing balm and aftercare advice will be given to you. 

Touch up 

Everyone's skin responds differently to the pigment so the top up session will perfect your brows.  


If you want a stronger look or a darker colour this is the time to ask. 

Your brows will last from 12 -18 months before needing a touch up to keep the colour and shape strong.  The pigment fades with UV light so after about 3 years any pigment is likely to be invisible. 

Eyebrows by Jane Elizabeth 

Eyebrow tatttooing at Jane Elizabeth

Price list 

Hair stroke, ombre or combination brow £250 

( includes first and touch up session)

Annual/18 month top up  £125

Salt and saline pigment removal £30

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