Jane Whitelock

My background 


You will almost certainly know about “eyebrow tattooing” – using pigment to create or define



Well, skin pigments can also be used for “Medical Tattooing” which amongst other things is used to treat hair loss, make scars less visible and recreate nipples after mastectomies.  I’d never heard of medical tattooing until I had treatment for breast cancer myself, and as soon as I started to research it, I realised that it was something that I really wanted to do. I took the plunge and packed in my job of 18 years, as Marketing Manager for a medical company, retrained as a medical tattooist, and I have never looked back!


I now specialize in medical tattooing for the treatment of hair loss both on the scalp and on the eyebrows – it is such a rewarding job and I love what I do. I have undergone extensive training with Finishing Touches and addtional masterclasses.



I have Level 4 in Scalp Micro Procedures, Superficial Skin Peels and Skin Needing under 0.5 and Digital brows. Level 4 certification is awarded by OCN Credit4learning and recognised across all UK councils.

Psychological Impact of Hair loss

Hair loss can be very upsetting and it can have a crippling effect on confidence and self-esteem. The loss of hair associated with medical conditions or treatment makes a difficult time seem even worse. With scalp micropigmentation I am able to help my clients rebuild their confidence  and it really does change their lives.  If you are upset by your hair loss, you’ll understand what it’s like to avoid swimming, rain, wind, standing under bright lights, bending down and avoiding being in photos. The sensitivity of hair loss makes it hard to address, which is why it is important for me to offer treatment in the privacy and serenity of my treatment room.


Scalp micropigmentation involves placing lots of small dots of pigment on the scalp, in such a way that they look like normal hair follicles. This make the hair on the head look thicker, as the paler skin between the hairs is covered. Think about it as camouflaging hair loss. It is amazing how these tiny dots, tattooed on to the scalp, give a very realistic illusion of thicker hair. Existing hair follicles are not damaged, and the procedure does not stop any new hairs from regrowing. The dots won’t wash off and last up to 5 years.  The treatment can be used for baldness and alopecia in both women and men and to cover scars (for example burns and scars from hair grafts).


These client testimonials give a flavour of just how much difference scalp micropigmentation can make:


Hair loss took over all aspects of my life. Avoiding mirrors, girls' get togethers, being in family photos and dates with my husband. Jane was confident that scalp micropigmentation could make a real difference to me. I felt a huge sense of relief admitting my feelings and was excited to start treatment! After my 3 sessions I've fallen in love with my hair again, even liking looking at myself in the mirror!"


 ‘I was referred to Jane and was made to feel so relaxed and at ease about the issue of my hair loss. I have struggled with how I felt about my hair for a long time but Jane was so kind and calm it really helped me have faith in this process.  The results are amazing and I can finally feel more confident and not have to worry about the huge ritual of hiding my hair loss. Thank you Jane". 


If your hair loss is having a negative impact on your life, or if you know someone  affected, I would urge you to consider scalp micropigmentation. I offer a free, no obligation consultation where you can learn more about what the treatment involves and how it could work for you. Please  give me a call if you would like any more information or think you might benefit from this wonderful, but underused treatment. I am registered with Central Bedfordshire Council as a Skin Colourist and carry full insurance.